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When the music changes, so does the dance: don’t let your next crisis be a talent one

Read Helen’s article about the future of work and what this means for talent. DOWNLOAD THE PDF

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Using your team meeting to develop the team you need remote team coaching and collective leadership Blog

Whether we like it or not, we have all had remoteness thrust upon us – and, indeed, some don’t only like it, they love it!  No dressing up, no long commute, no queuing for sandwiches. But the downside?  Wall to wall Zoom calls, using personal space for work, juggling responsibilities. In addition, leaders worry about

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Remote Team Coaching and Collective Leadership Webinar 07/07/20

Julia Rowan delivered the ‘Remote Team Coaching and Collective Leadership’ webinar for Sheridan Resolutions today.  Some of the snippets for leaders: Connect with the reality of what’s happening on the team – even if it’s messy.  Acknowledging reality grounds the team and allows them to shift to a better conversation. When teams explore what their

The Emotional Life of Teams, Blog by Associate Catherine de la Poer

The Emotional Life of Teams | 29/05/20 People know when they are working in a standout, high performing team and…when they’re not. I recently spoke about The Emotional Life of Teams, as part of Sheridan Resolutions Covid-19 webinar series. I asked my virtual audience one question - describe your peak team experience. Here’s some of

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Sheridan Resolutions Monthly Newsletter – June 2020

Welcome to our new look monthly newsletter! As Sheridan Resolutions continues to grow, our aim is to provide you with just some of our top stories and news so you can get a sense of what we up to and the value we can offer to you, your people and your business. We are now working across the globe, in Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and Australia utilising our broad and diverse global faculty of highly qualified consultants.

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Maintain & grow your impact in the current ‘virtual’ reality and beyond 14/05/20

Yesterday, over 30 viewers explored how women in leadership can overcome challenges and increase their impact in both the traditional and new 'virtual' world In this session, we discussed: • The top 5 barriers female leaders have had to deal with in the ‘traditional’ world of work • Explored the top 5 that are showing

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